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Muhammad's life compared to Other Major Events

  • 560


    Buddism is china began to happen
  • 570

    The Birth of Muhammad

    The Birth of Muhammad
    Muhammad was born in Makkah to a merchant family. He family was not a rich family. Makkah is a shrine city and is also know as Mecca. The location of Makkah is on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • 575

    Early Life of Muhammad

    He was an Orphamned at age 5. He was under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. His uncle was a merchant and did not make very much money. His uncle allowed him to create a number of connections, that would help him for a lifetime.
  • Dec 1, 600


    Islam began reformed when Muhammad heard a voice saying that he was God's only prophet and that there was only one god. People who practice religion of Islam are called Muslisms.
  • Dec 4, 600

    Silk Road

    Silk Road
    The silk road flourishes during the Tang dynasty
  • Dec 1, 610

    Grand Canal

    The Finishing of the Grand Canal by Emperor Sui Yangdi.
  • Dec 1, 622


    Muhammad created the ismlamic calendar, it is used today. Muhammad named it year one.
  • Dec 1, 623


    This was the journey of Madinah. Muhammad began to win support from people in Madinah, as well as from Arabs in the desert, known as bedouin.
  • Dec 1, 630


    Muhammad came back with 10,000 followers and began to preach his teachings and the Quran was used for the holy book of Islam
  • Dec 1, 632

    The End of Muhammad

    The End of Muhammad
    Muhammad died and when he died he had a legend that has still been carryed on today. After the death of muhammad, Muslim scholars developed a law code known as the shari'ah.
  • Dec 4, 633

    Hopewell People

    Hopewell People
    They shift to full- time farming
  • Marriage of Khadija

    Marriage of Khadija
    He married Khadija when he was 25 years old. She was a window and was very wealthy and her parents had a lot of wealthy also. After the marriage he became a caravan manager.
  • Tang Dynasty begins in China

    A dynasty of china. Lasted nearly three hundred years, from 618 to 907. The early Tang rulers began their reigns by instituting reforms, as rulers they often did in the early days of the new dynasties.
  • Sui dynasty

    A Chinnese Dynasty that did not last very long at all. It was created before the Tang Dynasty. They were destroyed by the Tang's
  • Plague

    The plague in Europe began to start killing people off and people began getting really sick
  • St. Augustine

    St. Augustine of Canterbury bring Christianity to britain