• 570

    Birth of muhammad

    Muhammd was born this day. He was born in Makkah to a merchant family.
  • 570

    The loss of the holy Grail!!!

    IN 570 the holy grail of the last super was forever lost. Prophices say that it would be restored after 1260 years!
  • Dec 4, 610

    Hercaulis takes over the roman empire

    Herculis arrive by ship from Africa at Conostantinople.He overthrows East Roman Emperor Phocas.
  • Dec 4, 610

    Muhammads first revelaiton

    Muhammad starts hearing the word of god. He takes hikes up in the mountains to think about is going on with these messages.
  • Dec 4, 613

    Muhammad takes his message public

    Muhammad reavels the messages to his tribe. In the process of this he is almost assassinated!
  • Dec 4, 613

    Sassanid empire sacs Jerusalem

    Shah Khosaru II sacs jerusalem. They took the relic of the true cross as a victory trophy
  • Dec 4, 616

    Sha i Chosroes IInvades Egypt

    The persains took over egypt with the help of Chosroes II.
  • Dec 4, 622

    The creation of islam

    Muhammad created the Ilam religion on this day. Muhammad was told by and angle the will of god.
  • Dec 4, 630

    Emperor Taizong's campiagn against eastern Tujue

    The Tang dynasty forces under commanders Li jang and Lis Shiji destroy the Gokturk Khante.
  • Nov 30, 632

    Muhammad death

    The Prophet Muhammad dies. He never named a successor.
  • Muhammad's first marraige.

    Muhammad got married to a rich widow named Khadija. He was 25 and she was 40!!!
  • Muhammad becomes a caravan agent for Khadija

    Before Muhammad got married to his first wife Khadija he was a agent for her. Her carried her goods to the north and returned with a profit.
  • Muhammad travel to Mecca to stay with his uncle

    Muhammad was about eight when he was put into the care of his uncle. He stayed with his uncle for several years
  • Tang dynasty begins in japan

    The Tang dyansty was started in the most populated city at the time! They were a military dynasty.
  • China is reunified by the Sui dynasty

    The sui brought china together by there ruthlessness and tenors. they were powerful but short-lived dynasty.
  • Gergory the great succeeds Pope Pelagius II as pope

    Gregory the great becomes pope after Pope Pelagius dies of the plague. Gregory was the 64th pope.