muggenborg unit 5 timeline victor cervantes

  • Period: to


    indian actavist protested peacfully in order to gain indian independence from england
  • Period: to

    mao zehdong

    Mao zedong was a poet, Guerilla fighter, and communist leader in china after the chinnese civil war. His belif in Maoism was created after his communist views in china
  • Period: to

    russian revolution

    Was a demand of reform in russia which demand that nicholas step down as leader of russia. It also help create the formation of politcal parties such as the bolhiks.
  • Period: to


    was a war fought between the major powers. It was triggred by the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The people began to tae sides between countries. And created major alliances.
  • Period: to

    wilson 14 point plan

    Was a plan laid out by president woodro. It called for freedom of free water travling, Forfeit all land gained in russia bck, It also stated that they should create a leauge of nations to help maintain the peace.
  • treaty of versailles

    Was the treaty that help end the war between Germany and the allies. The treaty made Germany fully responsible for all the damages done to europe. It was also required that germany give up some of its territories and to disarm their millitary
  • Period: to

    league of nations

    was the first international organization that was created to help keep the peace. It was created after World war to make sure nothing would ever happen again. The leauge help with the various international disputes by countries
  • Period: to

    chinese civil war

    Was a war fought between the two political parties of the chinnese nationalist party and the commnisty pary of china. The two sides fought in many campaigns and it led to the division of china to make both sides pleased
  • Period: to

    stalin 5 year plan

    Was a plan created by Stalin to help boost the country power and productivy.One of the major goals of this plan was to make russia become industrialized. It also led to collective farming which made farmers give up part of their crops.
  • Period: to

    great depression

    the worst ecnomiic depression ever to have happend. Prices were cut and the ecnomey almost crashed. It also led to varios people loing their jobs mainly affected the major powers of the world
  • Period: to


    Hitler came to power along with his his new political party the nazis. They help create a whole new goverment and creted tons of law which helped discrminate the jewish community.
  • Period: to


    was the second major great war of the world. It was fought between the axis power which consisted of italy, Germany,And japan which fought aganist the allies which consisted of us,uk,and france it lead to the destruction of the axis power and the formation of a ne intrenationl organization called the united nation.
  • india independence

    After years of ruling India the british official decide to return india back to its people and help create pakistan in the territories.
  • creation of pakistan

    after the british leave india they splity into two countries. iNdia was seen as the countries for hindus and pakistan as the country for muslim belivers
  • Period: to

    cold war

    was a conflict between the us and the soviet union in a series of tensions and led t things sucha as the berlin wall falling and the space race.
  • nato

    was the formation of the North atanitic treaty organization. It help as a llainace between much of north america and western europe which helped in both political and military organization
  • Period: to


    was a war between north and outh korea to make the country korea become unite under communist rule. The north was supported by the communist china rule while the south was supported by the allies
  • warsaw pact

    Was the formation of the alaince of communist countries in western europe. It was the the other organization after nato
  • berlin wall

    was a wall between Belin to split the communist side with the allies side. The wall prevented from people leaving in the communist side and stoos as a symbol of opression
  • cuban missle crisis

    A speacial cia task force was sent to sothern cuba to take fidel castro out of power it was supported by John f kennedy
  • helsinki accords

    a big gathering of all the major Nato and Warsaw pact to come together and settle their diffrences to help instead the whole world rather than only thinking about themselves. This helped end the cold war.
  • Period: to

    islamic revolution

    Was a revoluion that intended to overthrow the monarchy in iran and replace it with the islamic republic.
  • tienamen square

    student led protest to demand their problems be heard. The protest were all freindly but it ended in a very brutal a massacre of in the square killing many people.
  • germany reinufication

    It led to the communist finally wall and help make and allies berlin wall to fall and led to othe sides of germany being reunited into one single country.
  • ussr breaks up

    was a collapse in the goverment of russsia to continue to keep itsterritory and goverment underconrol which eventually led to a break in the country and spliting up into smaller countries
  • nelson mandela

    He was the first south africain president. He was also a political leader as he fought for justice and rights of africain. He was also known for his leadrship in the africain national congress
  • 9/11

    islamic extremist hijack four airplnes and crashed them into the twin towers and the pentagon. It led to hundred of pople death and go the us involved in the middle east and led to a international war on terroism