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Mr. Maher's Calendar of Events

By dmaher6
  • Birth of a legend

    Birth of a legend
    Oprah was born in 1954 and was mostly raised by her grandmother on a farm in Mississippi while her mother looked for work up North.
  • 1st Day of School!

    1st Day of School!
    DAY 1 OF 180!
  • The Pearl Unit - Honors Only (2weeks)

    The Pearl Unit - Honors Only (2weeks)
    Student's will read John Steinbeck's, "The Pearl."
  • The Bully Unit - (Reg. only)

    The Bully Unit - (Reg. only)
    Students will begin to read the first novel of the year title, The Bully. This is part of the Bluford Series.
  • Wiki Worthy?

    Student's will create their own homepage as they familiarize themselves with using web 2.0 technologies.
  • LINCS - An introduction

    Student's will be introduced to a vocabulary strategy known as LINCS.
  • Columbus Day!

    Columbus Day!
    No school!
  • ELA Part 1 short response to listening

    Student's will listen to a reading passage, after reviewing the steps necessary to listen and take notes, and complete a listening response activity.
  • SRI Test 1

    Students will take the first of 3 SRI reading inventory tests.
  • Phoebe Prince Article

    Students will read and discuss the Phoebe Prince story in an effort to generate a discussion about the topic of bullying in today's society.
  • Picture Day!

    Picture Day!
    Say cheeeeeeeeese!

    An introduction to the PA House Maher Money incentive program.
  • Student Teacher

    Ms. Burgos takes over the class for two weeks to finish up our short story unit.
  • Bullying-District Day of Writing

    Bullying-District Day of Writing
    After reading the article about Facebook, students will write a persuasive essay either in favor or against the popular web 2.0 product.
  • 3rd Period PD

    Today you will be exposed
  • PDPeriod 3

    Learning about websites!
  • Field Trip to Purchase College

    Field Trip to Purchase College
    Students will get a tour of the Performing Arts section at Suny Purchase. Following the quick tour, they will see five live performances of short stories. This will be the culminating activity in our three week short story unit. Stories include, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Monkey's Paw," "The Necklace," and "The Tell Tale Heart."
  • A Legend was Born

    A Legend was Born
    Michael Jordan was born in New York but was raised by his two parents in South Carolina.
  • Bjork's First Concert

    Bjork's First Concert
    I sang...