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Most Important Events in Greek History

By chinula
  • 2100 BCE

    2100 BC

    The first Greek speaking people arrive in the area now known as Greece 
  • 1600 BCE

    Beginning of the Mycenaean Period (1600 BC–1100 BC)

    Beginning of the Mycenaean Period (1600 BC–1100 BC)
    The Mycenaean civilization is characterized by the emergence of an advanced culture. Its achievements were widely exhibited in the fields of architecture, engineering, and military infrastructure. The Mycenaean Greeks shows the beginning of an advanced culture in Greece. Its various discoveries, including the development of military infrastructure and engineering, influenced trade and advanced their economy. They also wrote in Linear B, the first written record in the Greek language.
  • 1250 BCE

    The Trojan War (1250 BC)

    The Trojan War (1250 BC)
    The Trojan War is a Greek mythology battle between the Greeks and the people of Troy. The conflict started after Paris took Helen from Menelaus of Sparta. The Greeks attacked Troy for nine years, but the town, which was defended by Prince Hector and other members of the Trojan royal family, won the war. To avoid getting captured, the Greeks built a massive wooden horse to hide their enemies. At night, they went back and attacked the city gates.
  • 776 BCE

    776 BC

    First Olympic Games is held 
  • 700 BCE

    700 BC

    The city state of Athens is formed
  • 507 BCE

    507 BC

    Athens becomes a Democracy
  • 490 BCE

    490 BC

    Persia attacks Greece, but is defeated at the Battle of Marathon
  • 447 BCE

    447-438 BC

    The Parthenon is built
  • 431 BCE

    431-404 BC

    Athens at war with Sparta. Sparta defeats Athens
  • 334 BCE

    334-323 BC

    Alexander the Great (A Macedonian) rules Greece, and defeats Persia, Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan, but dies at the age of 32
  • 323 BCE

    323 BC

    Alexander the Greats Empire is divided into separate kingdoms, ending the Great Age of Greece