Monhandas Gandhi

By aph16
  • Mohandas K. Gandhi is born.

    He was born in Porbandar, Bombay Presidency, British India
  • Period: to

    Ghandhi's Life

  • Ghandi marries Katsurbai Makhanji at the age of 13.

  • Ghandi leaves to study law in London.

    He studied at University College London.
  • Ghandi returned to his home in India.

    He attempted to establish a law practice in Bombay but failed.
  • Gandhi accepted a contract with Dada Abdulla & Co.

    He moved to Natal, South Africa to work.
  • He adopted the idea of "satyagraha" for the first time.

    This happened at a mass protest in Johannesburg.
  • Gandhi returns from South Africa to live in India.

  • Gandhi gains national recognition for his efforts.

    He had been arrested for organizing a clean up of poor villages in the province of Kheda.
  • He becomes leader of the Indian National Congress.

  • Gandhi calls off a mass campaign of civil disobedience.

    This left around 15,000 people to be sent to prison.
  • He is arrested and tried for sedition.

    He is sentenced for six years, but only serves two years before being released for an operation.
  • Gandhi begins the Salt March to make his own salt in Dandi.

    The march ended on April 6th, 1930.
  • He began a 21 day fast to help the Harijan movement.

  • Indian Independence Act passed, which he refused to support.

  • Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Godse.