• Jan 6, 1206


    The great leader united th Mongol clans and led them in conquering much of Asia
  • Period: May 3, 1227 to May 3, 1300

    Mongol Empire Broke Up/Mongolia

    Eventually the Chinese gained control in the 17th Century, and kept the control for hundreds of years.
  • Aug 11, 1227

    Genghis Khan Dies/Mongolia

    Died after conquering most of Asia and begun the conquest of China
  • Jul 11, 1400

    Annual festival/Mongolia

    Three Games of Men, annual festival that states abilities, and mongolian ancient people do.
  • Manchu Dynasty/Taiwan

    The Manchu Dynasty conquered Taiwan.
  • Japanese/Taiwan

    The Japanese siezed Taiwan after winning a war with China in 1895, Japan kept the island until its defeat in WWII.
  • Independance/Mongolia

    Mongolians pushed China out and achieved their independence.
  • Influence/Mongolia

    Strong Russian influence, they became the Mongolian People's Republic. For about 72 years communist ruled Mongolia.
  • Fight for Communism/Taiwan

    Chinese nationalist tried to take control with communism for control of mainland China.
  • Communism/Mongolia

    The fall of the soviet union, the communist party lost all its power, so the country began to move toward political democracy.