Mongol Empire Under Kublai Khan

  • 1260

    Kublai Khan takes the throne

    Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, took the role of the "Great Khan" in 1290. He focused on expanding his territory over all of China.
  • 1274

    Kublai fails to invade Japan for first time

    The Great Khan tried to invade Japan, sending huge fleets and armies. Japan fought off his efforts.
  • 1275

    Marco Polo arrives in Khan's court

    Marco Polo was a famous Venetian trader who knew many Asian languages from his travels. Kublai employed him for government missions for 17 years.
  • 1279

    Kublai Khan conquers China

    Kublai achieves his grandfather's lifelong dream by conquering the entirety of China in 1279. No foreigner had ever surpassed and ruled China before.
  • 1281

    Kublai fails to invade Japan for second time

    The second time Kublai attempted to take over Japan, a typhoon destroyed his entire fleet.
  • 1292

    The Polos leave China

    The Polo family left China to make the long journey back to Venice.
  • 1294

    Kublai Khan dies

    His dynasty began to fade as family members argued over who would succeed him.
  • 1368

    Rebels overthrow Mongol rule

    This ends the Yuan dynasty.