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Momo Music Timeline

  • 80 music

    80 music
    The 80 music was so great back then. I really liked the 80 music. It was when I was born into.
  • 90 Music

    90 Music
    The 90 music was filled with different kinds of variety of pop and Rap music. It was in the early as the years in the 1990 has began. It has the popularity of the music in there genres.
  • 2000 music

    2000 music
    In the 2000 the music was a part of the nondescript in the pop music that has the fragmented into smaller tends. The styles has with the exception of a few that are related with the genres as emo. It has the liquid funk and the UK funky.
  • 2002 Music

    2002 Music
    Kirk Franklin make has first live album in 2002. The originally was scheduled to be released in the mind of June. He is the biggest gospel artist.
  • 2001 Music

    2001 Music
    Love Don't Cost a Thing was JLo 8 most popular songs that she ever wrote. JLo is a Pop and R& B, Latin, Hip Hop artist. She also did many movies. I start listen to her in High School.