Modern terror timeline

By Tommyle
  • 1972 Munich Massacre

    1. on September 5th 1972 during the munich olympics 11 members of the israeli olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed
    2. Black September a group of palestinians
    3. 17 deaths 6 israeli coaches, 5 israeli athletes, and 5 of the black september members and a german officer. 4.The palestinian-israeli conflict, where israelis are taking palestinian lands
  • Period: to


  • april 18 1983 Car bomb in beruit

    1. April 18 In Beruit, A suicide bomber drove a delivery van packed with 2000 pounds of explosives 2.Islamic Jihad Organization 3.killed 63 people mostly embassy and CIA members, several soldiers, and 1 marine, 17 were american 4.Iranian revolution's campaign against "imperialist" in the world
  • July 15 1987 Karachi, Pakistan simultaneous car bombings

    1. July 15 1987 Karachi Pakistan 2 car bombs and 2 other explosions however no terrorist group called responsibility terrorist group claimed responsibility supposedly muslim guerilla in pakistan 3.63 deaths more than 300 wounded
    2. Muslim Guerillas fighting the communist government
  • Korean Air Flight 858

    1. july 27 1987 , North Korean agents plant bombs on the aircraft and the bomb detonated over in Bangkok, thailand
    2. The North Korean Government
    3. 115 deaths most are south koreans
    4. North Korea say they do not have any involvement in the attacks but the proof of the attacks are leading to their involvement
  • September 19 1989 UTA Flight 772

    1. 19 September 1989, a Bomb went off on this flight and blew up in the Sahara desert 2.Islamic Jihad and Secret Chadian Resistance 3.170 people died ( all of the passengers and crew) 4.For revenge of the French for supporting Chad against the expansionist projects of libya
  • The First World Trade center bombing

    1. Febuary 26 1993 A truck bomb was left in the north tower and exploded but didn't work as planned 2.An unnamed Muslim terrorist group lead by Ramzi Yousef
    2. Killed 6, but injured throusands
    3. Demanded U.S. support to Israel to cease, diplomatic relations to cease, and a pledge from the U.S. to end interference
  • Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre

    1. Febuary 25 1994, was a shooting by one man on unarmed Palestinian muslims while they pray 2.a member of a far-right Israeli kach movement 3.29 dead and 125 wounded 4.The Kach Movement did not say any reason or motives for this massacre
  • Aum Shinrikyo gas attack on subways

    1.On March 20 1995 In five coordinated attacks at different ends of the train station, the Aum Shinrikyo released sarin gas.
    2. Aum Shinrikyo
    3.13 killed, 6,252 injured
    4. The Group believed that they were going to live a world in armageddon of nuclear weapons and nerve gas, and the group believed the people who released the gas will be the only ones to live