Modern Era and American History Timeline

  • 1448

    colonization (discontent)

    During his third voyage, he explored the islands of the Caribbean again as well as the South American territories of what is now Venezuela. Upon visiting the previously established settlements, he found much discontent among those left behind to colonize the Americas. this would define the wars and conflict that the Americas would start. this is a society event that would leave Natives to disease and death.
  • 1455

    European printing press

    The first European Printing press blossomed in Mainz,Germany
  • 1462

    Russia freed by Ivan II

    Russia was freed from Tarter due to The Price Ivan II subduing great lands and having the feeling of repudiation toward mongol derived Tatars
  • 1480

    Expulsion of Tartars from Russia

    The Kazan Tatars were conquered by imperial Russian forces during the reign of Tsar Ivan IV in 1552, becoming the first Muslim subjects of the Russian Empire.
  • 1492

    First Voyage of Christopher Columbus

    The first voyage of Christopher in the name of Spain where he found the Bahamas
  • 1492

    Columbus Discovers America

    Christopher Columbus unknowingly discovers America when he lands in the Bahamas in his quest to reach Asia
  • 1492

    christopher colombus

    I chose this date because there was no america before Christopher Columbus while that's debatable, the fact that Chris was getting funds to pay for his trip by the king and queen of Spain, to find a new route to India isn't. this is an society even that led to a country with immigrants and lots of political influence.
  • 1493

    Christopher Columbus's second Voyage

    Columbus left from his second voyage with 17 ships and about 1200 men with intentions to conquer the Taíno tribe and colonize the region ; Brought livestock back to Europe
  • 1493


    The treaty of Tordesillas, between Spain and Portugal tried to make peace and split land of the new found world.this was an attempt to resolve ownership of ships. left Spain with the better deal this is important cause this is the start of colonization and may lead to conflict. This is an reform that let america have a chance at colonization.
  • 1498

    Vasco da Gama Reaches India

    Vasco de Gama becomes the first European to reach India by taking the Atlantic Ocean
  • 1520


    1520 to 1620 this was the years in which Native Americans died from European diseases, almost 90% died from small pox, measles... estimates to 20 million. This was one of the biggest genocides in the world, america does have a dark past with, Slavery etc but it is not america today. this is an society event and this changed america and while it may sound bad it did let the 13 colonies thrive.
  • Formation of the Triangular Trade

    A series of trades and partner ships of America, Europe, Africa it gave america mores slaves, gave Europe sugar, Tabaco, Cotton, and manufactured goods to Africa. this led to the south gaining a lot of money from slaves and selling cotton to Europe. This was a economical event and led to discontent with the north and a civil war. it was later abolished.