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Christopher Columbus and Early Spanish Colonization

  • 1420

    Portugal begins settlements in Madeira

  • 1427

    Portugese Settlements in Azores

  • 1450

    Diogo de Tieve sails westward from Portugal

    returns back after hitting the cold weather around Newfoundland because of lack of supplies, but figures there must be land around
  • 1451

    Christopher Columbus born

  • 1471

    Portugese Discover Gold Coast

  • Period: Oct 1, 1481 to Jan 2, 1492

    Conquest of Granada

  • 1484

    Columbus's Proposal to John II of Portugal

    Denied by experts of court
  • Jun 1, 1486

    Catholic Monarchs meet with Columbus

    Too busy with Grenada, but give him allowance so he doesn't leave
  • 1488

    Portugese Find Indian Ocean

  • Mar 31, 1492

    Alhambre Decree

    Jews kicked out
  • Aug 3, 1492

    First Depature form Spain

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus's Crew Spots land

    After 36 days of travel
  • Period: Oct 21, 1492 to May 21, 1499

    Christopher Columbus Governor of Indies

    Brother acts as de facto governor while he is gone most of time
  • Dec 24, 1492


    Before leaving back to Spain, the Santa Marina crashed in Hispaniola, so he made a settlement (La Navidad) with the men and ship and sailed back to Spain
  • Mar 15, 1493

    First return to Spain

  • Sep 25, 1493

    Second Voyage Starts

    After showing his riches from New World, leaves again with 17 ships, 1,300 salaried men, about 200 investors and a small troop of calvary and Friars
  • Nov 28, 1493

    Second Voyage Landing

    Comes back to see Spanish-Taino settlement of La Navidad in ruins. Taino's said that other Taino group slaughtered The Spanish because they raped women and killed men
  • Jan 2, 1494

    Arrives at future spot of La Isabela

    Goes 100 miles east of La Navidad and goes to spot where he'd found La Isabela. Leaky water casks made the sailors thirsty yet he still had the men clear and plant vegetables, erect a two story fortress and erect stone walls and build ~200 houses.
  • Feb 2, 1494

    Antonio de Torres leaves La Isabela

    Takes 12 ships, some stuff and captives to go and complain about Columbus. Torres Memorandum
  • Mar 17, 1494

    Established Santo Tomas

    in the Cibao Valley in Hispaniola which was thought to have gold
  • Apr 24, 1494

    Columbus sets off to find China

    Leaves military commander Pedro Margarit in charge and to lead 400 men to Interior to find gold. Finds little gold and little food.
  • May 1, 1494

    Pedro Margarit leaves to Spain

    While Columbus was on his exploration to find China, Margarit had been told to try and find gold and make good with the natives, but after finding little gold he took large he returned to Spain with three ships and caused factions among the men. He was trying to call the enterprise a waste and say Columbus was incompetent. Unsure on date
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

  • Jun 12, 1494

    Columbus Oath that he Found Cathay

    Columbus made the men with him swear an oath that they had found Cathay, but many disagreed with that
  • Aug 24, 1494

    Returns from China Searching

    No food is left because Maragrit took it all. Spaindards resorted to raiding Taino food storage houses which starts a war between them. 3 Taino groups vs Spainards and one other Taino group. Total Victory would be total disaster since they needed their food. No one really won
  • Period: Mar 31, 1495 to Apr 1, 1498

    Spain invovled in Italian Wars

  • Jun 11, 1496

    Lands in Spain for second time

    Brings riches back but the Queen and King are slightly disapointed
  • Jun 24, 1497

    John Cabot Discovers New Foundland

  • 1498

    Portugese Discover new Route to India

  • May 30, 1498

    Third Voyage Begins

    leaves Spain with six ships. Three with explorers and three with provisions for Hispaniola
  • Aug 1, 1498

    Columbus lands in Dominica

    Journey took longer than expected because of Doldrums, had to refuel on water
  • Period: Aug 4, 1498 to Aug 12, 1498

    Explores Gulf of Paria

    First time that Europeans had seen South America
  • Aug 15, 1498

    Knew he had discovered a new continent

  • Aug 20, 1498

    Arrives in Santo Domingo

    (approx date.) Columbus finds that settlers had revolted due to lack of wealth that they had gotten (only trickles of gold)
  • Period: May 21, 1499 to Sep 3, 1501

    Francisco de Bobabilla Governor of Indies

    Took over Columbus. Got recalled to Spain because abolished Mining Taxes
  • Oct 20, 1500

    Columbus's arrives to Spain in Shackles

    Francisco de Bobadilla was sent with a Royal Commission to investigate complaints and Jailed Christopher and his Brother Bartholomew
  • Dec 20, 1500

    Columbus's Released

    Columbus wrote a letter while on the boat back that showed the grandeur of it all and the Bibicalness of it. And he was able to convince the Monarchs of his ability as a navigator.
  • 1501

    Portugese being colonizing Brazil

  • Period: Sep 3, 1501 to 1509

    Nicolás de Ovando y Cáceres Governor of Indies

  • Apr 15, 1502

    Ovando arrives in Hispaniola

    sometime in April
  • May 25, 1502

    Sets Sail on Fourth and Last Venture

    Monarchs had pity on him almost. He was only given 4 ships but Governor Ovando was given thirty, he was also not allowed to go to Hispaniola. Was looking for Straight of Malacca in Central America
  • Jun 15, 1502

    Columbus lands on Maritinque

    Fastest crossing yet
  • Jun 29, 1502

    Tries to enter Hispaniloa

    Ovando woulnd't let him in, even though he had been banned by monarchs from entering. A storm was coming and Columbus even said for the 20 treaure ships to wait, they didn't but 20 ships sank.
  • Period: Jul 1, 1502 to Jun 1, 1503

    Explored the Caribean more so

    Explored coast of Jamaica, Southern Cuba Hounduras and Nicaragua, Searched for gold in Panama. Lost one ship due to ship worms
  • Jan 9, 1503

    Builds fort garison in Rio Belen (western Panama)

    Tries to look for gold in Extreme weather conditions, loses a ship to the river receding, and another from leaky too bad from ship worms.Garrison had to be abandoned in April because of constant Indian attacks.
  • Jun 1, 1503

    Castaway in Jamaica

    Able to get food via scaring natives with an eclipse, turned north too soon to Jamaica instead of Hispaniola against his judgement. Diego Mendez, one of Columbus's captians bought a canoe from a local chief and sailed it to Hispaniola.
  • Jun 29, 1504

    Rescuers arrived

    Ovando didn't rush to help him, even though people rowed 450 miles to tell him. Ovando imprisoned the people trying to tell him and woulnd't give them a ship to rescue them.
  • Nov 7, 1504

    Columbus returns to Spain for the last time

  • May 20, 1506

    Columbus dies