Modern era and American history

By Litteac
  • Neoclassicism

    Impressionism and Primitivism, the composers of the Neoclassical movement rejected Romanticism by looking back to music of the 17th and 18th centuries
  • Modern era

    The Modern Period in Western music history lasted from approximately 1890 to 1945
  • Earthquake

    San Francisco earthquake leaves 500 dead or missing and destroys about 4 sq mi of the city.
  • Airmail

    First regular airmail service begins, with one round trip a day between Washington, DC, and New York.
  • Lots of death

    From a historical perspective, the sheer amount of death and destruction during these 55 years was unprecedented
  • Privimtism

    Primitivism, takes the Romantic focus on Nationalism and folk music to a new level
  • Stroke

    President Wilson suffers a stroke.
  • Hoardings death

    President Harding dies suddenly. He is succeeded by his vice president, Calvin Coolidge
  • Conflict

    World War II: U.S. declares its neutrality in European conflict.
  • Impressionism

    The first of these styles, Impressionism, is seen as both an outgrowth of Romanticism in general, and a reaction against German Romanticism specifically
  • Atonality

    atonality. In connection with the artistic movement of Expressionism, atonal composers believed that music had gone as far as it could with regards to functional harmony, and that dissonance
  • Atomic bomb

    First atomic bomb is detonated at Alamogordo, N.M.