Modern Composer: Hedley

By Isaac7

    After Jacob Hoggard competed on the second season of "Canadian Idol" he regrouped with his band.Also they signed a record deal with Universal Records.They started in Abbotsford,British Columbia.
  • Record Deal

    Record Deal
    In the summer of 2006, HEDLEY signed a new record deal this time with Capitol Records.
  • First Album

    First Album
    In september 2006 Hedley released their first album with Capitol Record and almost all their songs went on MuchMusic. Fun Fact: The first album hedley made won "The Best Rock Album of the year" award.
  • Hedley's First Music Video

  • Hedley's Big Break

    In late october 2007 hedley release a album and all the song in the album were big hits.
  • Waving Flag

    In 2010 hedley was part of a song that was writin to support haiti.
  • Music Awards

    In 2011 hedley won over 10 music awards becuase of their hit singles.
  • MMVA

    This year in the summer Hedley preformed at the MMVA.
  • Hedley's Biggest Hit

    Hedley's Biggest Hit
    Earlier this year hedley wrote a song that went viral straight away and was the biggest hit in the summer. The song was called kiss you inside out.
  • WE 2 ME

    WE 2 ME
    In september Hedley performed for the children who are not educated and try to help them by raising money to support those children. Fun Fact: This year (2012) hedley went to a school and help the school raise money.