Milestone in the Computer History

Timeline created by 9531152
  • First electronic digital computer

    First electronic digital computer
    John Atanasoff with some gradutate students designed and built the first electronic digital computer. It was significant because it could do binary arithmetic, seperate computing function and memor, and regenerate memory.
  • A new theory

    A new theory
    John Von Neumann proposes that you can store a program in a computer the same way you store data. This is important because it was the basis for the modern computers
  • First General-Purpose Computer

    First General-Purpose  Computer
    This was the first commercial computer that attracted public attention. I chose this one because I think once people start paying attention to a product; that is what makes the product sell and more usefull.

    It is the first successful programming language yo help solve science and engineering problems. It was used widely for quantitative researching. I chose this because it helped a lot with science and problem solving; making things more accurate.
  • TV Typewriter

    TV Typewriter
    Don Lancaster designed the very first typewriter; it was in alphanumeric information. This is significant because it was the first time of having a keyboard where you can type words; instead of numbers.
  • The First Microcomputer

    The First Microcomputer
    Ed Robert and his company created the first microcomputer or another name PC. This was designed to be used by individuals.I think it is important because companies start using them more, we have workstation, and more jobs created.
  • The Supercomputer

    The Supercomputer
    This is when the first supercomputer was released. It had the memory capactiy of 4 megabytes. This helps us now today because companies need to store lots of information; such as, Visa.
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple Macintosh
    Apple has it's first successful mouse-driven computer. This is when an input device, mouse, was in use. I think this is important because now having a mouse is so much easier. You can get to the places on your PC much easier. Also, it's an input device.
  • NeXT

    The first PC that had an optical storage disk, built-in signal that had voice recognition, and had languages that help simplify programming. This was the start of different ways of storing.