Miguel hidalgo

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In History
  • Birth

    Born in Corralejos hacienda, Pénjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico
    Parents: Don Cristobal Hidalgo y Costilla and Ana Maria Gallaga.
  • Baptized

  • Mother Dies

    Date Unknown
  • Ordained

    Date Unknown Received sacrament from the bishop Juan Ignacio de la Rocha.
  • Appointed rector of the Colegio de San Nicolas

    Date Unknown
  • Resignation as rector of the Colegio de San Nicolas

    Date Unknown
  • Takes possession of the parish of San Felipe Torres Mochas

  • Appears before the Tribunal of the Inquisition

    1. Read banned books.
    2. Bad advice.
    3. Do not save the principles of the Church.
    4. Allow at home ate and drank to excess.
    5. Allow "bitching" at home.
  • Goes to Celaya.

  • Rang Church Bells

    Rang Church Bells
    Called church goers for a meeting. Also known as the Cry of Dolores
  • Awarded Title "Captain General"

  • Excommunicated

    Excommunication of Miguel Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, Juan Aldama and Mariano Abasolo by Bishop Abad y Queipo.
  • Hidalgo and his troops take over Guanajuato

  • Hidalgo decrees on the abolition of slavery and taxes in Guadalajara.

  • Defeat at Calderón

  • Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama and Jimenez were taken prisoners to Chihuahua to be judged

  • Death