Migration to Australia

  • First Fleet

    Captain Arthur Phillip sailed to Botany Bay, carrying more than 1480 people including men, women and children. British convicts, some African, American and French were also included. Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Botany bay on the 24th of January 1788 after 3 months of voyage. During that time in England, the conditions were tough. Unemployment increased, and so did crime, especially theft, because people were too poor to buy food and clothing, but if they didn't, they wouldn't survive.
  • Gold Rush

    Europeans and Chinese migrated to Victoria in large numbers, hoping to find gold in1851. The Europeans and Chinese migrated near Bathurst in New South Wales, then slowly moving to Victoria. Europeans and Chinese were poor back then, so they migrated to Australia to find gold and make money. Many people migrated to Australia by boat, which was very hard because there would be a large amount of people on a quite small boat.
  • Post World War 1 & 2

    People who were affected by World War were Jewish, Polish and European. They fled from their country mainly by boat and it was illegal. They feld their country because of the war and depression.
  • Post Indochina

    In 1962, Vietnamese people; orphans, wives, tertiary came to Australia by boat, to avoid the war that was happening at the time. They travelled by boat with other refugees who had by-passed immigration procedures. in 1975, just after Vietnam war has ended, people from Cambodia migrated to Australia to avoid themselves from getting killed by Pol Pot, leader of Cambodia. People fled from Cambodia by travelling on boats, most of the time, they did it illegally.
  • Modern Migration

    From about the 1990's till now, people are still migrating to Australia legally. In the past, people used to migrate to Australia illegal. Therefore, they had to pay when they enter the country. There are many reasons for people to leave their country and move to Australia. Most of the reason are government and war.