Midterm II: 19th Century Brazil

  • Portugese royal court arrives in Brazil*

    *When the exact day or month is not known, I will have it be the 1st and/or January
  • Treaty giving Britain exclusive right to build and repair ships and purchase timber in Brazil

  • Dom João VI makes Brazil part of the Portugese kingdom

  • Beginning of a series of abortive rebellions against the crown to gain regional autonomy

  • Agentina annexes Cisplatine Province

  • Slave trade banned (although it continued

  • Portugese Royal Court returns to Portugal

    without Pedro
  • Pedro shouted "Independence or death!"

    Pedro's beginning to create a separate empire from Portugal.
  • Pedro crowned emperor of Brazil

  • Constitution of Brazil created

  • Liberal and Conservatives parties formed

    Sometime in the 1830s.
  • Pedro I abdicates and returns to Portugal

  • Pedro II crowned emperor of Brazil at age 15

  • Slave trade official ends with threa of British blockade

  • First National Exposition for Pedro II's birthday

  • Paraguan War begins

    Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay fight Paraguay for the next 6 years
  • Liberal ministers replaced with those loyal to Caxias

  • Republican Party formed

    Made up of dissidents of the Liberal Party
  • Rio Branco Law

    Freed children born to slave mothers-- or for a small payment they could be kept until they were 21.
  • Religious Question

    Pedro II and the Vatican argue over control of ecclesiastical appointments
  • The church withdrawls support from Pedro II

  • Golden Law signed by Princess Isabel