microphone by peter

  • microphone invented

    microphone invented
    IN 1879 Emile berliner invented the microphone that at it's time was competing with the telephone.
  • Period: to


  • Carbon microphone was invented

    In 1886 Edward Hughes invented the new carbon microphone.
  • broadcasting mics were invented

    the radio was invented due to that the broadcasting microphone was invented
  • electronic microphone was invented

    James West later invented the electronic microphone with higher reliability
  • dynamic and condencer

    Newer and better mics are being made making clearer soundes
  • mics these days.

    mics these days.
    these days there are mics that are a lot clearer and better some mics can go in your ears and help you hear!
  • in the future (2050)

    I predict that in the future there will be mics that are a lot clearer made out of glass and are portable