Mia Hamm Timeline

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  • Mia Hamm was Born

    Mia Hamm Wikipedia
    Mariel Margaret Hamm was born in Selma, Alabama. Her father is an air force fighter pilot. She lived in many places in her young life but her family settled in Wichita Falls, Texas.
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    Mia Hamm Soccer Timeline

  • Mia Hamm moves to Italy

    Mia Hamm saw her first soccer game in Florence, Italy. Even though the family did not understand the sport very well, they soon became very fond of it. When the family moved back to the United States, the children played for the towns youth soccer league.
  • First Soccer Team

    Mia joins her first soccer team. It was a boys team in Witchita Falls. Her dad was the coach.
  • Texas All-State Selection

    At 13, Mia Hamm becomes a Texas All-State Selection. This was a huge honor because few were chosen. She played on a local team, but on a U-15 team so she played up two years.
  • National Team

    At 15, Mia Hamm becomes the youngest player to join the U.S. Womens National Team. She moved to Virginia, with her uncle. Mia had to finish school early due to training.
  • Freshman at UNC

    Freshman at UNC
    Mia Hamm becomes a freshman at UNC. She helps win four NCAA Championships. She was named to NCAA All-Tournament Team.
  • World Cup

    World Cup
    Hamm plays her first world cup. She scores 2 goals. They get 1st place!
  • ACC Player of the Year

    Mia Hamm recieves the ACC Player of the Year award. She also recieved All-American. She became a member of the CONCACAF championship team.
    Award- Mia Hamm
  • Graduation

    Mia graduates from UNC. She leaves wih a bachelors in political science. Her number (19) gets retired.
  • Olympics

    The U.S. Womens National Team competes in the Olympics. They recieve 1st place and a Gold Medal. The Olympics was in Atlanta.
  • World Cup

    U.S. Womens National Team wins the World Cup title. Hamm sets an international scoring records for women. She had more career goals than anyone in the sport.