Mexico's History

  • Jan 1, 1519

    Hernan Cortez comes to New World

    Hernan Cortez comes to the New World with Spanish Conquistadors and lands in present-day Mexico.
  • Jan 1, 1521

    Cortez claims area of Mexico for Spain

    New area named "New Spain"
  • Mexico declares independence from Spain

    Mexican patriots declare independence against Spain; War ensues.
    Rebels are lead by Miguel Hidalgo.
  • Miguel Hidalgo is captured and executed

    Rebel Leader Miguel Hidalgo is capture and executed for treason.
  • War Ends

    Mexico wins the war.
  • Mexico creates empire.

    Mexcio creates an empire. Puts Augustin as Emperor.
  • Augustin's Reign Ends

  • Santa Anna deposes Iturbide from power

    Santa Anna makes Iturbide step down from power and declares Mexico a republic.
  • Mexico wants more settlement in Northern Territory.

    Mexico wants more people to settle in its northern territory so they offer large amounts of land for low costs or free.
  • Texas declares independence from Mexico.

    Texas declares independence from Mexico and a war begins. The Texans are lead by Sam and Miles Austin.
  • War Ends

    War ends. Texas won and becomes its own country.
  • Battle of Alamo Begins

    The Battle of the Alamo begins.
  • Battle of Alamo Ends

    The Battle of the Alamo ends with Mexico winning. "Remeber the Alamo!"
  • Texas joins United States

    Texas decides to become part of the United States of America.
  • Mexico breaks off ties w/ U.S.

    As a result of Texas becoming part of the United States, Mexico breaks off all ties and relation with the United States.
  • Zachary Taylor moves into Mexico

    United States General Zachary Taylor moves into Mexico by the Rio Grande.
  • Mexican soldiers vs. Zach Taylor's Troops

    Mexican General Mariana Arista sends troop to Rio Grande to fight Zachary Taylor's troops.
  • Battle of Palo Alto

    The Battle of Palo Alto was one of the first major battles between the U.S. and Mexico. The U.S. ended up winning the battle after Mexican General Arista ordered his trips to retreat.
  • U.S. declares war

    United States congress declares war on Mexico.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed between the United States and Mexico. It states that Mexico surrenders and gives up 1/3 of its territory (TX, CA, AZ,UT, NM, NV, WO, CO). In return, the U.S. pays Mexico 15 million dollars for property damage.
  • Felipe Calderon elected president

    Felipe Calderon was elected president in 2006. Mexico's president serves a six year term, so he will be in office until 2012.