Mexico's History

By cedea
  • Oct 3, 1492


    Christopher Columbus claims land in the New World for Spain.
  • Oct 3, 1519

    Hernan Cortez

    Hernan Cortez
    Cortes arrives in Mexico from Spain.
  • Oct 3, 1519

    Conquering Aztec Empire

    Conquering Aztec Empire
    Cortes befriends and gains trust from the aztecs, but eventually conquers the empire.
  • Period: Oct 3, 1519 to


  • Oct 3, 1521

    New Spain

    New Spain
    Cortes claims all of Mexico in the name of Spain.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Mexican patriots, lead by Miguel Hildalgo, rebel against the Spanish throne. War is ensured.
  • End of War for Independence.

    End of War for Independence.
    Mexicans successfully win the war for independence.
  • Agustin becomes emperor

    Agustin becomes emperor
    Agustin becomes emperor of the Mexican Empire.
  • Agustin

    Agustin is no longer the emperor of Mexico.
  • Mexico wants to expand.

    Mexico wants to expand.
    Mexico wants to settle in their northern most regions. Their population is getting smaller and they want new people to come and live in new territory. Americans come in, but there are problems with language and slavery issues.
  • Guadalupe Victoria

    Guadalupe Victoria
    Guadalupe Victoria was the first elected president of Mexico
  • War for Texas's Independence.

    War for Texas's Independence.
    Republic of Texas declares independence and begins a war against Mexico. Sam and Miles Austin were some of the many leaders in this war.
  • End of war

    End of war
    War ended quickly after it started. Texas won!
  • Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo- very famous battle.
  • Texas joins US

    Texas joins US
    Texas joins the United States,which pretty much breaks off all ties with Mexico.
  • Mexican American War begins.

    Mexican American War begins.
    Mexico bitter about Texas going to America. US Gen. Zach Taylor moves into Mexican land near Rio Grande.
  • James Polk

    James Polk
    James Polk is the current president of the United States during the Mexican American War.
  • End of Mexican American War

    End of Mexican American War
    Mexico finally surrenders in Mexico City.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo

    Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
    Mexico is forced to give US over 1/3 of all their land. US was supposed to give Mexico $15 million, but never fully paid.
  • Mexican President

    Mexican President
    Felipe Calderon is elected President of Mexico.
  • Calderon

    end of Calderon's presidency