Mexico 12

mexico history

  • Independence

    Mexican goverment finally separated from the spanish
  • Lucas Alamán

    Lucas Alamán
    Lucas Alamán w​ as a scientist, politician and a writer and was born in Mexico. In 1821 Alamán started to work as a deputy for the Spanish Parliament, he was very conservative and he fought a lot for Mexico’s economy and industrialization, he died in 1853.
  • First Mexican Empire

    First Mexican Empire
    After the provisional junta, the army supported Iturbide to become an Emperor in 1822
  • Casa Mata Plan

    Casa Mata Plan
    * overthrow Iturbide
    * form a new Congress
    * regional autonomy It was signed by Santa Ana, Vicente Guerrero, Nicholas Bravo, etc.
  • The Triumvirate

    The Triumvirate
    After the fall of Iturbide the congress named 3 men to rule:
    * Pedro Celestino
    * Vicente Guerrero
    * Nicholas Bravo
  • First Federal Republic

    First Federal Republic
    After the overthrow of Iturbide, in the new constitution, the republic took name the of United Mexican States, and was defined as representative federal republic with Catholicism as the official and exclusive religion.
  • Constitution of 1824

    Constitution of 1824
    * Federal Republic
    * Catholic Religion
    * Eduction and freedom of press
    * Did not alter the rights of Church and the military
  • Santa Anna Dictatorship

    Santa Anna Dictatorship
    In April 1853, he was invited back by rebellious conservatives with whom he succeeded in re-taking the government. This administration was no more successful than his earlier ones. He funneled government funds to his own pockets, sold more territory to the U.S. with the Gadsden Purchase, and declared himself dictator-for-life with the title "Most Serene Highness." The Plan of Ayutla of 1854 removed Santa Anna from power.
  • Liberal Reforms

    Liberal Reforms
    They abolished clergy and military fuergos, they took a lot of privileges from the church, and they were made by Zavala, Farias and Gomez.
  • Santa Anna and the Central Republic

    Santa Anna and the Central Republic
    1833 and 1835, Santa anna expelled the liberals new congress and put a new constitution, the seven laws. He was a conservative and was on power for 8 years.
  • Texas independence

    Texas independence
    Texas protested against the 7 laws in favor of a Federal system. Santa anna was defeated in el álamo.
  • The seven laws

    The seven laws
    Is a document that altered the organizational structure of the first Mexican republic they were made to centralize and make stronger the federal government.
  • Secession of the Yucatan Peninsula

    Secession of the Yucatan Peninsula
  • First French Intervention (Pastry War)

    First French Intervention (Pastry War)
    The First French intervention in Mexico, began in November 1838 with the naval blockade of some Mexican ports and the capture of the fortress of San Juan de Ulúa in Veracruz by French forces sent by King Louis-Philippe.
  • US invasion of Mexico

    US invasion of Mexico
    The Invasion of Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United States and the Centralist Republic of Mexico from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico, despite the 1836 Texas Revolution. It was the fourth of the five major wars fought on American soil.
  • The Organic Bases

    The Organic Bases
    Central Republic
    Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
    On August 22, 1846 The organic bases were repealed during the Mexican–American War, and the 1824 Constitution restored.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo , officially entitled the Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic,[1] is the peace treaty signed on February 2, 1848, in the Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo between the United States and Mexico that ended the Mexican–American War (1846–48).
  • The Ayutla Revolution

    The Ayutla Revolution
    The Plan of Ayutla was a plan aimed at removing Antonio López de Santa Anna as dictator of Mexico. Initially drafted on February 24, 1854, by Colonel Florencio Villarreal, it was proclaimed on March 1, 1854, in Ayutla, Guerrero. The Plan not only aimed at removing the dictator but also convening a constituent assembly in order to draft a federal constitution.
  • Reforma Laws and New Constitution

     Reforma Laws and New Constitution
    -Federal Republic
    -Individual guarantee
    -Federal Republic
    Individual guarantee
    Religious tolerance
    Federal Republic
    Individual guarantee
    Religious tolerance
    Religious tolerance
  • Reforma War

    Reforma War
    • Liberal constitution caused disagreement
    • Juarez fights to defend the consitution
  • Second French Intervention

    Second French Intervention
    France wanted to get economic benefits so they looked for an excuse to attack mexico
  • Second Empire july 1863 - june 1867

    Second Empire july 1863 - june 1867
    Conservatives talked to france and the vatican about a monarchy in mexico and Maximilian was declared emperor supported by the troops of napoleon
  • The Restored Republic

    The Restored Republic
    Period when Juarez gets back to power till Porfirio Diaz becomes president
  • Noria Plan

    Noria Plan
    Juarez didn’t win by much in the elections so Diaz started a plan to get to power but he was defeated
  • Porifiro Diáz Regime

    Porifiro Diáz Regime
    Porfirio Diaz declares himself emperor of Mexico by taking power with the Tuxtepec plan