Mexican Revolution (1910-1940)

  • Diaz Re-Election Gone Bad

    Porfirio Diaz was running for re-election after three decades of rule, however his plans were not successful as his opponent Fransico Madero planned to take his position. Diaz had him thrown in jail where he later fled to Texas and wrote "Plan of San Luis". This is said to have been the uprising to the Mexican Revolution of 1910.
  • Period: to

    Mexican Revolution

  • Diaz Resigns

    Diaz resigns and is sent to exile from Mexico. Vice President Franciso de La Barra becomes Intermim President as Madero insists of taking office after being elected.
  • Madero Elected

    Franciso Madero is elected President with majority vote.
  • Madero Takes Office

    Offically sworn in as President on this date
  • Zapata Issues "Plan of Ayala"

    Emiliano Zapata released this political document which denounced Madero's policies and presidency while promoting his own.
  • Villa leaves Mexico

    Pancho Villa flees Mexico after being threatened by Pascual Orozco, because he didn't want to join the rebellion.
  • Ten Tragic Days

    This was a Coup d'état placed upon President Madero and Vice President Pino Suárez. In this time they were forced to resign from their positions in order to guarantee their safe release. Victoriano Huerta led this and assumed presidency after their resignations and later assasinations on the 22nd of Febuary.
  • Plan of Guadalupe

    Venustiano Carranza drafted up the "Plan of Gudalupe" where he discusses how he feels about the coup done by Huerta and his claim of being the rightful successor to Madero for presidency and not Huerta.
  • Embargo Lifted

    President Wilson lifts embargo of arms against Carranza.
  • Huerta Flees

    President Huerta resigns from his presidency and flees to Spain.
  • Carranza assumes office

    Venustiano Carranza becomes the 37th President of Mexico.
  • Carranza Reforms

    President Carranza adds some reforms to the Plan of Guadalup that include land reforms, electoral forms, and worker's rights
  • Orozco Dead

    Pascual Orozco killed by Texas Rangers in El Paso, Texas.
  • Recognition of Government

    The United States and 6 other nations recognized the Carranza form of government.
  • Huerta Dies

    Victoriano Huerta dies of Cirrhosis.
  • Columbus Raid by Villa

    Pancho Villa executes a raid on the town of Columbus, New Mexico which killed 19 Americans.
  • Constitution

    The new Mexican constitution is completed
  • New U.S. Ambassador to Mexico

    President Wilson sends Henry Fletch to be the ambassador to Mexico.
  • Zapata Assasinated

    Carranza ordered that Emiliano Zapata to be killed Chinameca.
  • Obregón for President

    Álvaro Obregón announces himself to run for presidency of Mexico in the 1920 elections.
  • Obregón calls for support

    Álvaro Obregón calls for an uprising against the Carranza government while Pancho Villa joins his side as a supporter.
  • Carranza Assasinated

    Carranza was assasinated on May 21, 1920 in the town of Tlaxcalantongo, Puebla. Many consider this the end of the Mexican Revolution even though battles and disputes afterwards.
  • Obregón elected President

    Álvaro Obregón is elected President of Mexico.
  • Obregón Sworn In

    Álvaro Obregón offical Inaguaration Day was November 30, 1920.
  • De la Huerta uprising

    Adolfo de la Huerta attempted a failed revolt against President Obregon by saying how corrupt he was.
  • Villa Dies

    Pancho Villa is assasinated along with some of his bodyguards.
  • Bucareli Treaty

    A treaty agreement between Mexico and the U.S. for those citizens who sustained losses during the Mexican Revoluion
  • Plutarco Elías Calles as President

    Plutarco Elías Calles was the successor as President of Mexico after President Obregon.
  • Cristero War

    A rebellion that lasted for 3 years that was sparked by the enforcement of the Mexican Constitution of 1917
  • Álvaro wins 1928 Election

    Wins Election, but doesn't get chance to assume office.
  • Obregón Assasinated

    Álvaro Obregón was assasinated by a anti-Calles supporter named José de León Toral. This was before he could take office for his win for presidency
  • Emilio Portes Gil becomes President

    After the assasination of Alvaro; Portes became the provisional president.
  • Founding of the National Revolution Party

    The PNR ( Partido Nacional Revolucionario) was formed by President Calles after the assasination of President Obregón.
  • Ceasefire between the Cristeros and Federal Government

    The parties came to an agreement that ended the Cristero War.
  • Pascual Ortiz Rubio placed as President

    Pascual Ortiz Rubio was sworn in as the 42nd President of Mexico.
  • Rodríguez as Interim President for Ortiz

    Abelardo L. Rodríguez finished out the term of Pascual Ortiz
  • Cárdenas becomes President

    Lázaro Cárdenas becomes the 44th President of Mexico
  • CTM founded

    The Confederation of Mexican Workers was established by President Cardenas.
  • Calles exiled

    President Calles deported to the United States.
  • Mexican Oil Expropriation

    President Cardenas announced on this day that all mineral and oil reserves found in Mexico belong to the nation.
  • Partido de la Revolución Mexicana.

    The Partido de la Revolución Mexicana or PRM was formed by President Cardenas and the PNR was dissolved.