Mexican-American War

  • US offers to buy territory

    The US offered to buy the territories for $25 million, but were rejected. John Slidell led the efforts.
  • US forces gather

    The United States gathered forces in the disputed territory. The soldiers biult a fort across the river from a Mexican town and waited for a battle to begin.
  • Thornton Affair

    A battle occurred between Mexico and the United States which resulted in the death of 16 American soldiers and took place near the Nueces River
  • US declares war on Mexico

    The US declares war on Mexico after they had "shed American blood on American soil." The war was very controversial.
  • Mexico City captured

    Winfield Scott captured and occupied the capital.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalso

    The treaty was signed and awarded the United States Texas, New Mexico, and California for the price of $15 million