MC Solaar

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  • MC Solaar

    MC Solaar
    MC solaar born in Dakar, Segegal.
  • Claude moves to France

    Claude moves to France
    Claude a.k.a MC Solaar emigrates to France at 6 months old.
  • First Single

    First Single
    MC Solaar released a single in 1990.
  • Bouge de I

    Bouge de I
    In 1991, MC Solaar and one of his friends moved to Paris. While there, MC Solaar released a single called "Bouge de la" it was one of the five most popular songs in France.
  • Prose Combat

    Prose Combat
    In April 1994, MC Solaar released Prose Combat. This album sold 100,000 copies in one week. It was a best-seller in 20 countries.
  • Best Male Singer

    Best Male Singer
    In February of 1995, MC Solaar was awarded the Best Male Singer Award at the 10th Victoires de la Musique awards.
  • Cinquième As

    Cinquième As
    MC Solaar release his album Cinquième As in 2001. It was a hit and critically acclaimed. On this album, MC Solaar raps about his parents emigration from Chad.
  • Mach 6

    Mach 6
    MC Solaar released Mach 6 in 2003
  • Chapitre 7

    Chapitre 7
    In March, 2007 MC Solaar release his album chapitre 7.
  • MC and the US

    MC and the US
    In 2007 MC Solaar was featured in a song by Missy Elliot called "All in my Grill." His music was also featured on MTVs "The Hills" and on the last episode of "Sex in the City."