Maverick Boiler Robotics History

  • First FRC game, Maize craze

    Dean Kamen and Woody Flowers kick off the first FIRST game that year, creating the legacy that is FIRST.
  • West Side Boiler Invasion, FRC 461, is created

    Steve Florence working with students at West Side High School to create the first FRC team in our area.
  • Purdue First Programs Created

    Purdue FIRST Programs, PFP, is created as a means to fund and mentor STEM education programs in the area.
  • Jefferson High School starts Precision Guess works, FRC 1646

    Previous to Precision Guess works creation, all the students in the local high schools attended WSI. When enough support within Jefferson was there, they broke to start their own team.
  • Harrison High School starts HBR, FRC 1747

    Seeing what Jefferson did, they broke from West Side as well to start Harrison Boiler Robotics.
  • McCutcheon eyes on FRC team

    After a few years of attending Jefferson High school, enough support from the students from McCutcheon High School to start their own team. The previous years teacher sponsor was Mr. Kilgore, however; that year he had to leave the district, that coupled with the collapse of the economy left the team without support from the district and the upcoming team failed.
  • MBR talks begin

    In August, a student from PFP, Jacob Johnson, approaches a new teacher, Mr. Mieher, about starting a new FRC team at McCutcheon. The idea takes a firm hold immediately and talks begin.
  • Maverick Boiler Robotics, FRC 4272, is created

    Maverick Boiler Robotics, MBR, is created with a set of strong students.
  • MBR's first Kickoff

    Maverick Boiler Robotics attends their first kick off, starting off what looks like to be a great year.
  • Boiler Maker Regional

    MBR attends their first regional