Mattew Bellamy: Madness

  • Birth

    Parents Marylin and George, Born in Cambridge, England. Father George was guitarist in the 60's band The Tornados; The first British band to score a number one song in the United States. Early in his childhood he moved to Teigenmouth, shortly thereafter his parents were divorced.
    The Tornados:
  • Tiananmen Square

    Tiananmen Square
    Devestating events, Chineese teens killed in protest for thier rights.World Wide Reaction. General hate towards the Chinnese Governemtn begins. The protests are very unsuccseful, but inspire many globaly to act Bellamy is nearly 12
  • European Union Formed

    European Union Formed
    The european union is formed, england is one of the core countries, Changes Laws and interaction through out western Europe. Culturaly, the countries grow closer together along with the politicol change.
  • Unemployment

    British Unemployment reaches its all time low for total number of people. 2.47 million. The nation as a whole is not econmically struggling, but many lack jobs. Recession is technically over, but foriegn jobs are still a threat to the natin, just as they are to many working class Americans
  • Mad Cow Disease

    Mad Cow Disease
    Pandemic across britan, Many people are infected, ban on all British beef related products, nation wide concern. Disease kill many throughout the country, cattle quartine, considered a pandemic.
  • Release of Showbiz

    Release of Showbiz
    Groups first album. Reached 29th on top album charts at one point. Considered moderatley succseful considering that this is the bands very first album.
    No. Title Length

    1. "Sunburn" 3:54
    2. "Muscle Museum" 4:23
    3. "Fillip" 4:01
    4. "Falling Down" 4:33
    5. "Cave" 4:46
    6. "Showbiz" 5:16
    7. "Unintended" 3:57
    8. "Uno" 3:37
    9. "Sober" 4:04
    10. "Escape" 3:31
    11. "Overdue" 2:26
    12. "Hate This and I'll Love You" Title Song:
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    The Iraq war and general unrest in the Middle East is a large issue at the time. On this date Millions worldwide protest the war, with a enourmous 2 million protesting across the UK. The protests were to no avail, the war continued.
  • Robbie Williams

    Robbie Williams
    Rock/Pop artist Robbie Williams is the number one best selling artist of all time UK History. World Renowned. Enters Worl Record Book for most tickets sold in one day. Offered largest contract to British singer ever.
  • Depression

    The world wide economic crisis finnaly hits england hard in early 2009. many jobs are lost, GDP drops, and overall economic security is threatend. January 23rd is the offical entry date for the country.
  • Child Born

    Child Born
    Kate Hudson, Bellamy's Fiance (Girlfriend at the time) gives birth to their child: Bingham Hawn Bellamy.
  • 2012 Olympics in London

    2012 Olympics in London
    Olympics come to Bellamay's Home country shortly before he releaes the song.
  • Song Madness Released

    Song Madness Released
    Album: The 2nd Law is released