Marshall Mathers

  • Marshall is born

    Marshall is born
    born October 17, 1972 in missouri
  • Early life

    Early life
    As a child, Mathers developed an interest in storytelling and aspired to become a comic book artist before discovering hip hop.
  • Family life

    Family life
    He was married twice to Kimberley Anne Scott, whom he met in high school. Kimberly had run away from her home as a teenager, along with her sister Dawn
  • Mentor

    Check out his linkOne of Mathers' early mentors as a rapper was local rapper Champtown
  • Early Awards

    Early Awards
    Check out his awardswon Wake Up Show's "Freestyle Performer of the Year" award
  • First Album

    First Album
    check out his albumEminem quickly gained popularity in 1999 with his major-label debut album, The Slim Shady LP
  • Own Lable

    Own Lable
    He and his manager Paul Rosenberg created Shady Records
  • Kids

    Mathers adopted two other daughters: Alaina "Lainie" Mathers and Whitney, Scott
  • Troubles

    On June 28, 2001, Mathers was sentenced to one year probation on weapons charges
  • Acting Career

    Acting Career
    Eminem began an acting career in 2002
  • Drugs

    Eminem has spoken openly about his addiction to prescription drugs, including Vicodin, Ambien, Valium and Methadone.[194] His group-mate Proof from D12 stated that Mathers "sobered up" in 2002 from drug and alcohol dependence
  • Movies

    Check out his movies Eminem made his official Hollywood acting debut with the semi-autobiographical 8 Mile
  • Charity

    Eminem has also founded his own charity named The Marshall Mathers Foundation, assisting disadvantaged youth. The foundation frequently works in conjunction with a charity founded by Norman Yatooma, a high profile Detroit attorney
  • More Troubles

    More Troubles
    In 2005, Eminem's aunt and uncle, Jack and Betty Schmitt, sued him, alleging that he has promised them a $350,000 house and the money to keep it up, and instead has kept it in his name and tried to evict them
  • !st Book Release

    !st Book Release
    Check out his booksOn October 21, 2008, Eminem released a tell-all autobiography entitled The Way I Am, which details his struggles with poverty, drugs, fame, heartbreak and depression, along with stories about his rise to fame and commentary on past controversies