The planet mars

Mars Expoloration TImeline Anh B.

By kwsmyre
  • Soviet Union launched the first to Mars

    Soviet Union launched the first  to Mars
    The Soviet Union launcehd Korabl (Mansnik 1) to fly by Mars. It is the USSR's first attempt at an interplanetary probe. After launch, however, the rocket's third stage fails to lift the probe into orbit.
  • 2nd flyby, sent by Russain, to Mars

    Soviet Union launced their second flyby to Mars, Korabl 4 (Mansnik 2). After the launch, rocket's third stage fails, and probe never achieves Earth orbit.
  • U.S launched Mariner 3

    U.S launched Mariner 3
    The US launches Mariner 3 to fly by Mars. A shield designed to protect Mariner 3's instruments during launch fails to release once the spacecraft has reached Earth orbit. With its instruments covered and the extra weight of the shield dragging it down, the spacecraft is unable to obtain the necessary trajectory to send it on to Mars.
  • A Success from U.S

    A Success from U.S
    Mariner 4 flies within 9,844 kilometers (6,117 miles) of Mars and begins transmitting data back to Earth, becoming the first spacecraft to return pictures of Mars to Earth.
  • The journey of Viking 1

    The journey of Viking 1
    U.S launches VIking 1 consists two different units, oribiter and lander.
  • Roberta Score's dicovery of Meteorite

    Roberta Score's dicovery of Meteorite
    Roberta Score discovered a 4.5 million years old Martianmeteorite.
  • Mars Observer

    Mars Observer
    U.S launched Mars Observer to Mars. It supposed to study and orbit The Red Planet:
    -determine the global elemental and mineralogical character of the surface material.
    -define globally the topography and gravitational field.
    -establish the nature of the Martian magnetic field.
    -determine the temporal and spatial distribution, abundance, sources, and sinks of volatiles and dust over a seasonal cycle.
    -explore atmosphere.
  • Nozomi from Japan

    Nozomi from Japan
    Japanese launched the Nozomi to orbit Mars. It is scheduled to arrive at Mars in October 1999.
  • Mars Odyssey

    Mars Odyssey
    U.S launched the Mars Odyssey to Mars to orbit and produce a complete map of the Red Planet.
  • Nozomi from Japan got damaged

    Nozomi from Japan got damaged
    Nozomi got hit by a powerful solar flare while approaching Earth for the gravity assist maneuver. The power and communications systems are damaged, and the hydrazine fuel aboard the spacecraft freezes as a result of an electrical short.
  • The explore combination of nations

    The European Space Agency launches the Mars Express orbiter. The spacecraft includes the Beagle 2 lander, named after the ship of British naturalist Charles Darwin. The countries involved in the mission include France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Japan, and the United States.