Marie Curie

  • Birth

    On November 7, 1867 Marie Curie was born in Warsaw,Poland
  • College ( I don't know the correct date)

    She went to Paris to follow lectures of Paul Appel, Gabriel Lippmann, and Edmund Bouty at Sorbonne.
  • Met her life long mate ( once again didn't say the correct date)

    Met Pierre Curie
  • Marriage

    She married Pierre Curie
  • Child #1 ( No real date)

    Gave birth to Irene Curie
  • Child #2 ( No real date)

    She gave birth to Eve Curie
  • Job (It just said December)

    She was appointed chief assistant in the labratory directed by her husband
  • Husband's Death (No actual date only year)

    Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn carriage.
  • Success to the U.S. (No real date only year)

    Accompanied by her 2 daughters Marie made a triumphant journey to the U.S.
  • Marie's Death

    Marie Curie died.
  • Ashes to Paris (No real date)

    Her ashes were enshrined in the Pantheon in Paris