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  • José Fernando Emilio Olvera

    José Fernando Emilio Olvera
    better known as Fher
  • Juan Diego Calleros Ramos

    Juan Diego Calleros Ramos
    bassist for the Mexican rock band Mana.
  • Alejandro González Trujillo

    Alejandro González Trujillo
    better known as Alex "The Animal" Gonzá a drummer and songwriter.
  • sergio vallin

    sergio vallin
    After some collaborations remixing the band's "Jealous" Los Panchos or "Fool in the Rain" ("Fool in the Rain") by Led Zeppelin, in 1995 Maná recorded "When angels cry", the first studio album Sergio group on lead guitar, considered by critics as the best of the web, and it marks a turning point in his career, among other things for the good work of the classical guitar Vallín and requintos and by more rock riffs of songs like "Let Me In".
  • birth or origin

    birth or origin
    Mana is a Mexican rock band.
    It consists of Fernando Olvera (acoustic guitar and vocals), Juan Calleros (Bass), Alejandro Gonzalez (Drums and chorus) and Sergio Vallin (electric guitar).
    The group has won four Grammy Awards, seven Latin Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, five Youth Awards, nine Billboard Latin Music Awards and thirteen Nuestro.En We are part of the 2012 tour of rock in hollywood
    The band's sound is based on pop rock, Latin pop, and rock. At first receiv
  • joined the Mexican band "mana"

    joined the Mexican band "mana"
    Mana origins date back to a band called Sombrero Verde, whose members Fher Olvera, such as voice, Gustavo Orozco, electric guitar, and the Calleros brothers: John, on bass, Ulysses, electric guitar and Abraham, battery came from Guadalajara.
  • published his first album

    published his first album
    with the Ariola label, the singles were "Vampire", "Professor", "Long time" and "Awake".
  • decides to leave the band

    decides to leave the band
    Abraham Calleros, drummer, decided to leave the band to continue his career in America.
  • where do the children play

    where do the children play
    In 1991 Manna faces the first change in alignment with the exit of Ulises Calleros, who has since become the band's manager. This meant the arrival of two new members: keyboardist Iván González and guitarist César "El Vampiro" López. With this new lineup recorded in Los Angeles in 1992 Where do the children play?, Album that is a real milestone in the history of the group and the Spanish rock, staying for 97 weeks on the Billboard list of disks sold in Latin America
  • "vampire"

    for artistic and professional differences, Iván González and César "El Vampiro" Lopez let Mana
  • Maná Live

    Maná Live
    With its new and well deserved status in the Latin pop rock scene internationally, Fher trio, Alex and John released the live album Mana (1994). The idea of ​​launching a gig disk emerges as a means to capture the energy and relive every moment, every drop of sweat and adrenaline that are part of the magic of Mana presentations.
  • Cuando los ángeles lloran

    Cuando los ángeles lloran
    Anxious to return to his original quartet format, Mana is the third and final change in their lineup. The band auditioned over 80 guitarists from Mexico, Argentina, Chile and the United States, until finally in Aguascalientes, Mexico, are seeking talent in Sergio Vallin, whose sensitivity, technique and versatility imparted a different shine to sound the guitars on the band. With this new training and demos made ​​in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, recorded and released the album When Angels Cr
  • sueños liquidos

    sueños liquidos
    After his previous pro recording experience in Puerto Vallarta, an important location in the atlas creative Mana, the group decided to return to the demos and recording their next production.
  • revolucion de amor

    revolucion de amor
    encloses the band to compose and make demos of what would be his next studio album three years after the release of Liquid Dreams. Love Revolution launched in June 2002 album that shows the band finding its essence to mix with the rock sound of the sixties and seventies, and other Latin music fusions.
  • amar es combatir

    amar es combatir
    Nearly five years had passed since the last studio album of the band, Love Revolution, so since there were rumors and speculations about the separation of the group. What nobody knew was that after his sabbatical and since early 2005, Manna met to start writing her seventh studio album, Love is combat.
  • Arde el cielo

    Arde el cielo
    The overwhelming response was that the tour is Amar Combat Tour was an amazing experience for the band, so they decided to capture that energy, that adrenaline, in a recording that his followers might remember and relive those moments. Thus, the band decided to record two of his four appearances at the Coliseo Jose M. Agrelot of Puerto Rico in March 2007.
  • drama y luz

    drama y luz
    Drama and light represents a milestone in the career of Mana. It is a carefully crafted album, gestated and performed for more than 1,000 days with their Arabian Nights. Like a good meal, has simmered.
  • Exiliados en la bahía

    Exiliados en la bahía
    Exiles in the Bay (Best of Mana) contains the greatest hits of the band through their 20 + years as one of the best bands in Latin America, in addition to the songs "Until I met you" (Juan Gabriel Cover) and "A New Dawn" (unpublished).