major events of the revolutions between 1500 to 1800

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  • thirty years war

    thirty years war
    this was a battle among the catholic and protestant states and ended up being about who would govern Europe.
  • english bill of rights

    english bill of rights
    the parliament of England passed this act in 1689. This bill will limit the powers of the king and queen and enhances the democratic election.
  • war of the austrian succession

    war of the austrian succession
    Fredrick ll of Prussia invaded the neighboring Hapsburg province of Silesia.
  • american revolution

    american revolution
    this was the war known as the American independence. This was a confrontation between British troops and local militia. This took place at Lexington and concord in Massachusetts.
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    this new act would require all American colonists to pay tax on every printed paper they used. This includes legal documents, newspapers, ship papers, and even playing cards.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    This treaty was signed by the representatives of king George lll. This signified the ending of the American revolutionary war.
  • french revolution

    french revolution
    Royal Coffers depleted. It also brought two decades of poor harvests, drought and higher bread prices. It also brought cattle disease
  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    it was a pledge that was signed early on in the French revolution. It was a political act that was believed to come from the nations people not the monarchy.
  • storming of the bastille

    storming of the bastille
    This is a violent attack that took place in Paris, France. It was to signal the start of the revolution. The bastille was built to protect Paris during the hundreds year war.
  • reign of terror

    reign of terror
    it was more commonly known as the terror. This was a period when public massacre's and execution's took place.