Major events of Colonial Era

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus encountered the new world for the first time

    Columbus sailed across the sea to fine the new world. He was trying to spread the word of God.
  • Jun 9, 1534

    Jacque Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence

    She was off to find gold but instead found the St. Lawrence river in eastern canada.
  • Sep 9, 1540

    Coronado's expedition from Mexico to Kansas

  • Sep 9, 1542

    Hernando de soto's expedition of the southeast

    He was a spanish explorer who saild across the ocean and was the first explorer to explore florida and the southeastern U.S.
  • Sep 8, 1565

    Spanish establish St.Augustine, Florida

    The spanish landed on a shore, and it is now called Matanzas bay.
  • Attempted Roanoke Colony

    John white had took 118 people with hime to make it to the Roanoke island.
  • Jamestown, Virgina founded

    A 100 people found the first permanent english settlement and it was in north america, right on the edges of the james river.
  • Juan de Onate founded Santa Fe

    He was telling everybody that he found a place and it was beautiful, it had little rivers running through it.
  • Sameuel de Champlain founded Quebec

    He was an explorer, and found the city of Quebec.
  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Virgina

    In 1612 he started planting tabacco seeds and was selling it by 1617.
  • First African slaves arrived in Virginia

    Twenty of the africans had just robbed a spanish ship and now is being traded for food so they get away and set sail.
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts founded

    The pilgrims found a new colony and today it would be known as the plymouth.
  • Period: to

    Beaver Wars

    These were certain wars that were founght by the Iroquois Confederacy.
  • South Carolina colony founded

    It was found when king charles II gave some land to the lord proprietors.
  • Marquette and Joliet sailed down the Mississippi

    They went through some big rivers and small rivers to reach the Mississippi river.
  • The Pueblo Revolt

    The spanish rebelled because they had overloads of the spanish in the american southwest.
  • Pennsylvania colony founded

    It was found by William Penn, he had to give it to his father because he owned him a lot of money so he gave it to his father.
  • French began fur trade with Indians

    They were trading fur with the Indians so they could make stuff that dont have.
  • Georiga Colony founded

    It was found by James Oglethrope, he used this as a cover/barrier against the spainsh