Major Events In North Carolina

  • New World

    Phillip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe reach Roanoke Island
  • Raleigh

    John White founded Raleigh, North Caolina
  • First Town

    Bath is incorporated as North Carolina's first town in the North Carolina colony
  • Colony

    North Carolina becomes a colony
  • Yamasee War

    Indian confederation came close to wiping out white settlements in their area
  • Blackbeard

    Blackbeard is killed at Teach's Hole near Ocracoke
  • first capital

    Edenton is incorporated as North Carolina's first capital of the North Carolina colony
  • Royal Colony

    North Caolina becomes a royal english colony
  • Tryon Palace

    Tryon Palace is built in New Bern
  • Mecklenburg Declaration

    Mecklenburg Declaration is signed in Charlotte decalaring independence from Great Britian
  • Halifax Resolves

    North Carolina adopts the Halifax Resolves calling for independence from England
  • Statehood

    North Carolina was amitted to the Union
  • Harpers Ferry

    John Brown raids Harpers Ferry
  • cherokee reservation

    Cherokee indian reservation is established in western North Carolina
  • First Flight

    The Wright brothers are the first to build and fly an airplane
  • prohitbition

    North Carolina becomes the first southern state to adopt statewide prohibition
  • forts

    Congress establishes Fort Brag near Fayetteville
  • Cape Lookout

    The cape lookout national seashore is established
  • women in senate

    Elizabeth Doles is elected into the North Carolina state senate.
  • Fast Growth

    North Carolina becomes the fourth fastest growing state in the U.S.A.