Main Events of the Rise of Blues Music

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    Main Events of Blues History

    The history of blues music from 1867 to 2003
  • Slaves Songs Published

    Slaves Songs Published
    Slaves songs were published after the civil war ended and inspired many blues songs.
  • Jim Crowe

    Jim Crowe
    Souther states use the the "Jim Crowe System" which is legal segregation. The opression inspired many blues artists.
  • W.C. Handy's inspiration

    W.C. Handy's inspiration
    W.C. Handy saw blues player playing at train station and inspiration struck and blues took off.
  • First Blues Song Recorded

    First Blues Song Recorded
    W.C. Handy wrote "Memphis Blues" and was the first blues song ever recorded.
  • First Big Blues Hit

    First Big Blues Hit
    Mamie Smith recorded "Crazy Blues" and it became the first big hit of blues music.
  • New Recording Technology

    New Recording Technology
    The new eletrical recording system is introduced and is used from then on.
  • Electric Gutair

    Electric Gutair
    The electric gutair was introduced and had a great impact on blues music.
  • World War Two

    World War Two
    America joins World War two gave blues artists inspiration because of the heart ache of losing loved ones in the war.
  • B.B. King

    B.B. King
    B.B. King has his first major blues hit. He ended up being one of the biggest influences in American blues music.
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley makes his debut. He was great musician and had an influence around the world.
  • Brown v. Board

    Brown v. Board
    Shools become desegregated in this court case but discrimination continues. Many black blues artists made songs about the continued discrimination.
  • Country Blues

    Country Blues
    Samuel Charters publishes Country Blues which inspires a bluesy element to folk music.
  • Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton
    Eric Clapton records John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom" and blues catches on in the UK.
  • British Invasion

    British Invasion
    When the rolling stones first toured America marks the start of the invasion of British Blues rock.
  • Year of the Blues

    Year of the Blues
    Congress declares the year 2003 the year of blues. It was 100 years earlier that W.C. saw the unknown bluesman who inspired him,