Mahatma gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Timeline Alejandro Torre p.6

  • Rumours spread aout the sepoys.

    Rumours spread aout the sepoys.
    On May 10th, 1857 the sepoys rebelled. They took over the city of Dehli, from there, they started expanding to central and northern India.
  • Period: to


  • British Take Control

    British Take Control
    The British government took control over India. This is where the term "Raj" comes from, it refers to the Indian people under British rule.
  • Wedding Day

    Wedding Day
    Mahatma Gandhi gets married to Kasturbai Gandhi.
  • Formation of India's National Congress

    Formation of India's National Congress
    The Indian's National Congress was founded and they had their first meeting in Bombay, on this date.
  • Gandhi Leaves

    Gandhi Leaves
    Gandhi leaves India to study Law, to Britain.
  • Gandhi Succeeds

    Gandhi Succeeds
    Gandhi passes the bar exam in England, at the end of Law School.
  • The Muslim League

    The Muslim League
    The Muslim League was an organization founded in 1906 in India to protect Muslims and their beliefs/interests.
  • Jail Time

    Jail Time
    Gandhi is arrested and is sentenced for two months in prison, The British would do this to make the people calm down, but this would only do the opposite.
  • Gandhi Arrives

    Gandhi Arrives
    Gandhi arrives at India recieves a hero's welcome.
  • Indian Troops Return From War

    Indian Troops Return From War
    Just like the title says, Indian soldiers return from war after fighting against Britain. They came back thinking that Britain will keep their promise, but they didn't as the Britain's showed a lot of disrespect. This made Indians feel as a "second class" type of country/people.
  • Muslims and Hindus Come Together

    Muslims and Hindus Come Together
    On this date, the British were surprised by the union and confidence that the Muslims and Hindus had between themselves. These two groups of people walked from one city to another, to listen to speeche's of people to unite them.
  • Civil Disobidience

    Civil Disobidience
    Citizens from India were causing chaos because they felt that there econom was also falling down. They went on strikes, and there were all types of complaints.
  • Jail Time, Again

    Jail Time,  Again
    Gandhi is arrested, again, but this time for sedition. He is now guilty because he is saying things that may later cause an Independence.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Indian Laws said that Indian citizens could not buy Salt from no one other from the government. They put the salt at very high prices, the people in those times needed salt to live.
  • Limited Self-Rule

    Limited Self-Rule
    Finally, what Gandhi and India wanted, the British government provided India with self-rule for a certain amount of time. It was not yet total independence.
  • Independence

    After waiting for a long time, Gandhi get part of what he wants. India gains independence from the British, but the Muslims and Hindus create separate and the Muslims create another country, what was before East and West Pakistan. Gandhi wants both of the followers from these religions to get along, but Jinnah, the Muslim leader, did not let that happen.
  • 1948

    On the same day that Mahatma Gandhi was going to "negotiate" with Jinnah about Pakistan, a Muslim nationalist assasinated Gandhi.