Madame Doubfire

  • Nr. 1

    The kids with there father and he is happy to se them.
  • Nr. 2

    Miranda is taking the kids in a weekend when it is Daniel's turn to have the kids.
  • nr. 3

    Daniel want’s revenge because Miranda took the kids when it was his weekend.
  • Nr. 4

    Daniel dress up as Madame Doubtfire
  • nr. 5

    Daniel get hired by Miranda as a cleaner named Madame Doubtfire to be more with his kids.
  • Nr. 6

    Daniel get hired as a nude model so a art group can paint him.
  • Nr.7

    Miranda find out that Daniel is Madame Doubtfire and then she get mad on him.
  • NR.8

    The kids get angry because that their parents are mad at each other
  • Nr.9

    the kids solves their parents’ problem.
  • Nr.10

    Miranda hire Daniel as an gartener so he can see the children more.