By notnico
  • Birth to Ben Haggerty

    Ben Haggerty(stage name Macklemore) is born in Seattle Washington to a family of a mom, dad, and two siblings.
  • begins writing songs at 14

    At 14, Ben starts writing songs with some of his friends and they give him the nickname"Möcklimore" which later turns to "Macklemore".
  • First album; The Language of my World

    First album; The Language of my World
    Macklemore released his first album, The Language of my World. It got noticed by Indie fans but overall, not many people.
  • Period: to

    substance abuse;addicted

    Macklemore struggles with substance abuse problems(mainy with OxyContin. This is considered the reason for his disapearance from the music industry for a couple of years.
  • Cleaned up

    Macklemore cleans up and begins writing music again.
  • Ryan Lewis

    Ryan Lewis
    Macklemore teams up with producer Ryan Lewis. Ryan Lewis helps Macklemore bounce ideas for songs and also helps him stay clean.
  • Otherside

    Macklemore releases "Otherside" which does incredibly well and is about his past experiance with substance abuse. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore proove to make a great team and keep working together to this day.
  • Relapse

    Macklemore relapes and releases his song "Starting Over" based on that experiance. He gets a cold and is prescribed codeine cough syrup, eventually escalating to his abuse to the drug.
  • Thrift shop comes out

    Thrift shop comes out
    Thrift shop gets released on this day. It sells over 4 million copies and achieves the #1 spot in US Billboard top 100,the UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand. The music video also recently hit 150 million views on YouTube.
  • The Heist, 1st succesful album

    The Heist, 1st succesful album
    Macklemore's album that finally got him the fame he deserved, reached number 2 on the US billboard top 200, and sold 78,000 copies the first week. It also rose to #1 on iTunes within hours of it release.
  • Today

    Today, Macklemore's selling out shows and concerts on his tour "The Heist". Everyones heard of him; he's a huge success, and unbelievabley, manged to stay unsigned & independant.