Mac miller1

Mac Miller

  • Born

    Mac Miller, otherwise known as Malcolm McCormick, was born on Jan/19/1992.
  • Starts Rapping

    Starts Rapping
    Mac Miller started rapping when he was 15 in 2007.
  • First Album Released

    First Album Released
    Mac Miller released his first album called "Changed" on April/3/2007.
  • First Mixtape

    First Mixtape
    Mac Miller released his first mixtape called "How High?" on Feb/30/2008.
  • K.I.D.S Released

    K.I.D.S Released
    In 2010 Mac Miller released an album called "K.I.D.S."
  • Rostrum Records

    Rostrum Records
    On Sept/7th/2012 Mac Miller signed with Rostrum Records.
  • First Single

    First Single
    On Nov/22/2010 Mac released his first single called "Knock Knock."
  • Released a EP

    Released a EP
    On March/29th/2011 Mac released a EP titled "On & On & Beyond."
  • Blue Slide Park

    Blue Slide Park
    On July/5th/2011 he announced that he was going to make a new album titled "Blue Slide Park."
  • 1,000,000 Followers On Twitter

    1,000,000 Followers On Twitter
    On Oct/14/2011 Mac finally reached 1,000,000 followers on Twitter.