Los Angeles Unified School District

By bjmyles
  • Books

    School provides new grammer books.
  • More Books?

    Many good teachers point out that the grammer books are getting worn after eight years of use. Perhaps new ones need to be ordered?
  • Teachers Are Not Happy

    Teachers are not happy with the Young Authors Dsy.
  • Standardized Test

    The district becomes even more obsessed than usual with administering standardized tests. Teachers are overloaded with teasting days.
  • No Young Authors Day

    Teachers vote to cancel Young Authors Day.
  • No Grammer Books

    Teachers are assigned two literary coaches, one of the many jobs of the literary coaches are to remove the grammer books from the classrooms.
  • Not Counting Mispelled Words

    When grading district mandated writing assignments, misspelled words are no longer being counted. This way, supposedly a more accurate assessment of students' progress.