Literacy Timeline

Timeline created by hgould02
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    Early education is natural. Children should have freedom to be curious and learn when they are ready.
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    Learning should be a combination of natural and informal elements, stressing all their senses.
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    Created the term Kindergarten. Children grow like seeds if they are tended to
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    Reading Readiness

    Nurturing children's maturity by teaching prerequisite skills for reading
  • Montessori

    Based on behaviorist theory and uses correcting materials
  • Dewey

    Child centered teaching with social interactions
  • Emergent Literacy

    There is an emphasis on social interaction. Adults should model literacy for the children.
  • Jean Piaget

    Believed there were different stages of cognitive development
  • Vygotsky

    Zone of Proximal Development
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    Explicit Instruction and Phonics or Sound-Symbol Relationships

    Phonics: seems to be necessary
    Exceptional teaching is the key to successful literacy instruction
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    Constructivism and Whole-Language Approach

    Natural and child centered approaches to learning
  • Balanced Comprehensive Approach

    Careful selection of theories in practice in subjects like reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, and viewing
  • Evidence Based Research and Public-Policy; National Reading Panel

    5 main areas; phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    Grants and money from the Federal Government
  • National Early Literacy Panel Report

    Says children should know and understand the letters and sounds and memory
  • Common Core Standard

    Differs state by state
    Not a curriculum or method
  • Read To Succeed; Act 284

    Created to make sure students were prepared with the literacy skills they need to be successful