Literacy Timeline

  • Reading Readiness

    Reading Readiness
    A term for the level of maturity needed to begin reading. Educators cater to help students develop these skills before beginning literacy training. Students need to have auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, visual motor skills, and large motor skills.
    (Information from textbook)
  • Maria Montessori

    Maria Montessori
    Physician that believed children should learn by using manipulatives that are self correcting. Teachers should model behavior and students should try on their own. Children use all 5 senses and learning is based around their own curiosity.
    (Information from textbook and slides)
  • Emergent Literacy

    Emergent Literacy
    Literacy approach first used by Marie Clay that emphasizes the child's interest. Exposes young children to books early, even before they are reading. Does not stress direct instruction instead, use of problem solving skills and social interactions are more important.
    (Information from textbook)
  • Jean Piaget

    Jean Piaget
    Argued that children go through different stages of development. Only so much can be expected of them in a certain stage. Stages are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operations period.
    (Information from textbook and slides)
  • South Carolina Read to Succeed

    South Carolina Read to Succeed
    Law that requires reading intervention as early as possible, with teacher and parent involvement. Emphasizes the use of research backed strategies for teaching reading. Children are required to be held back in the third grade if they do not meet the minimum reading requirement.
    Read to succeed. South Carolina Department of Education. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2023, from
  • Appropriation Act

    Appropriation Act
    Law passed that requires state funds for instructional materials only go toward those on the State Board of Education approved lists. Affects the books that teachers are able to purchase with school funds.Peak, C. (2022, November 21). How legislation on reading instruction is changing across the country. APM Reports. Retrieved January 29, 2023, from