línea de tiempo sobre la evolución de la música en inglés o los eventos relevantes de su historia (desde los 5 años hasta ahora).

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    love me like you do

    This song revolutionized music in 2015
  • Period: to

    when we where young

    This song improved the status of the songs in English
  • Period: to


    this song was composed by clean bandit, sean paul and anne marie
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    say wont'h let go

    This song revolutionized and improved music in English around the world
  • Period: to


    This song revolutionized and improved the ridicule of music in English
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    shape of you

    This song improved the popularism of the songs in English since it had a very catchy ridicule
  • Period: to


    this song improved popularism and thanks to its smooth rhythm it was one of the best songs of 2017
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    one kiss

    this song was the best one that had been heard for many years