Life Timeline

  • Conceptioin

    Rough date of Conception
  • Prenatal

    Not very much water in womb, ambelical cord tied in a knot and also wraped around neck.
  • Birth

    Birth Calgary Alberta, Canada
  • 1st Emotional development

    First Smile
  • 1st cognitive development

    Looked at boquet of flowers and then reached out and toched them
  • 2nd Emotional development

    Showed attachment to mom - stranger anxiety
  • 1st physical development

  • 2nd Cognitive development

    first words
  • 2nd Physical Development

    first steps
  • 3rd Physical development

    Hit puberty
  • 3rd Cognitive development

    Said no to having my first boyfriend
  • 3rd socioemotional development

    Go to a boarding school for the first time. have class mates and teachers. (home schooled beforehand)
  • 4th Cognitive develpoment

    reached achieving stage
  • 4th physical develpoment

    Diagnosis of hypothyroidism
  • 4th socialemotional develpoment

    get married
  • 5th cognitive development

    reach executive stage
  • 5th socioemotional development

    Have kids
  • 5th pysical development

    Hit Menopause
  • 6th cognitive development

    Memory loss
  • 6th physical development

    SHRINK! :O
  • 6th sociemocinal development

    Have Grandkids
  • Die