LIfe of Muhammad

By SairaB
  • 570


    In 570 Muhammad was born to a powerful tribe in the city Mecca in Arabia.
  • 576

    Mother's death

    Muhammad's mother died when he was only six years old on 576.
  • 590


    Muhhamad went to work as a traiter and his job meant that he had to travel a lot with a camel.
  • 595


    Muhammmad married a rich women named Khadija and when he married her be became very wealthy.
  • Dec 6, 610

    The beginning

    Muhammad started to began to hear and see messages from Allah (god)
  • May 25, 613


    Muhammaed decided to become a preacher by all the sings he was getting, he got the clue and became a preacher.
  • Feb 27, 619

    Broken Marriage

    His wife passed away.
  • Jun 8, 622


    Muhammed moved from Mecca to Medinah.
  • Aug 17, 630


    Muhammed's army invaded and took over Mecca.
  • Jun 8, 632


    Muhammed died and when he died all of Arabia had converted to Muhammed's Islamic religion.