Life of Ludwig van Beethoven

By ijuan
  • Boston Massacre

    5 colonists died as the british army shoot at the crowd of colonists.
  • Beethoven's Birth

    Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany as son of Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven.
  • Revolutionary War

    First naval attack of the revolutionary war.
  • New King of France

    Louis XVI becomes the King of France.
  • Joseph Priestley

    Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen.
  • The Revolutionary War

    The revolutionary war ends.
  • First Achievement

    He bacame a deputy organist at the age of 12 in 1782 and became a regular organist in 1784 for the Electoral Chapel after Neefe was called away.
    Exact Date Unknown
  • Congress Adopts

    Congress adopts the silver dollar and decimal system of money.
  • Meeting with Haydn

    He first met Haydn when Haydn was passing through Bonn on trips between Vienna and London and that helped his career begin by taking lessons with Haydn.
    Exact Date Unknown
  • Beethoven's Move

    He set out on a trip to Vienna to work with Haydn and he remained in Vienna never returning to his native home. By working with Haydn he could improve his musical abilities and become an even better musician.
    Exact Date Unknown
  • Beethoven's Concert

    Beethoven's first concert ever in vienna. By hosting a concert this could allow other famous musicians to acknowledge him and help him with his career.
  • Concert Tour

    Beethoven's first and only concerct tour he ever held.
    Exact date unknown
  • Beethoven's Loss of Hearing

    He had begun to lose his hearing slowly. This affected him greatly because composing and music is all about listening and hearing and if he can't hear then that means his career is over.
  • First Symphony

    Composed his first symphony in C Major (OP.21). This was his first big acomplishment and it proved that he could become a great composer.
    Exact Date Unknown
  • Public Apperances

    He stoped making public appearances because of his deafness.
    Exact Date Unknown
  • Beethoven's Death

    Beethoven died at the age of 57 and even though he died people still remembers his great music.