-Level 4- The soundtracks of my life TPT (F-1)

  • Origins of pop music

    Origins of pop music
    Pop is a musical genre that originated in the USA and the UK in the late 1950s as a result of the combination of rock & roll with other musical genres of the time. The term 'Pop' comes from the word 'popular'.
  • First revolution

    First revolution
    In the early 1960s, the presence of the so-called dominant seventh chords, present in jazz and blues, began to diminish in songs.
    And 1964, the year that marked this first revolution identified by academics, was when an 'invasion' of British groups took place on the international scene. During this period, there were bands such as:
    The Beatles
    The Rolling Stones
  • Second revolution

    Second revolution
    It was the new technologies, synthesizers, samplers and drum machines that brought about this second stylistic revolution. And 1983 was the year it took place, as identified by scientists. During this period there appeared artists and bands such as:
    Michael Jackson
    The Police
  • The third and "greatest" revolution

    The third and "greatest" revolution
    The year 1991, with the arrival of rap, hip hop and related genres in commercial music, marked the beginning of the third revolution, according to the study results.
    The rise of hip hop was partly driven by the popularity of MTV's Yo!MTV Raps. This saw an increased emphasis on vocal patterns, the revival of some 70s funk rhythms and the disappearance of all-powerful guitars. During this era sounded out people such as:
    Busta Rhymes
    Snoop Dogg