Lemon Brown and Personal Timeline of Events

  • Sports

    Greg's father found out about his bad grades in his math class. Therefore Greg is not able to play for the Scorpions basketball team.
  • Space

    When Greg found out he wasnt going to be able to play basketball anymore he wanted to go outside and take a walk instead of studying for a math test. As he was walking he came across a house.
  • Lemon Brown

    Greg walked in the dark house and came across a strange man named Lemon Brown.
  • Strangers

    Some hoolagoms came to the house and tried to find Lemons Brown "treasure."
  • Seperation

    Greg wanted to get away from his fathers lecture so he decided to take a walk and get out of studying for math. Greg started walking down the street instead of studying when he came across a house.
  • Destraction

    While the hoolagoms were trying to find the treasure Lemon and Greg got to spend some time bonding. As they were bonding they came up with a way to destract the hoolagoms to get them to leave,
  • Relationship

    After Lemon and Greg got through to the hoolagoms together it brought them closer. Greg and Lemon actually became closer friends. Lemon telling Greg his life stroy made him understand his Fathers point of view.
  • Birthday

    I was born at Durham Reginal Hospital
  • 1st day

    My 1st day of Kindergarden at Wilton Elementary.
  • Thyroid

    I was very sick and in the hospital for most of 1st and 2nd grade.
  • Soda

    1st time trying a coke. I have hated soft drinks ever since which is different because most kids love them.
  • First Broken Bone

    I broke my 5th medatarsal in my left foot.
  • Airplane Ride

    First time riding an airplane. We flew with South West Airlines.
  • Volleyball

    Played volleyball for the first time at Triangle Volleyball Club.
  • Decisions

    I had to choose between doing Volleyball and Girl Scouts. I chose Volleyball!
  • Dance

    First slow dance with a boy.
  • Dehydrated

    I got severely dehydrated and was in the hospital over Easter Break.
  • NJHS

    I got inducted into National Junior Honors Society
  • Honors Chorus

    I really love to sing but I was scared to show it to my peers. I decided to try out for Honors Chorus and I made it.
  • AAU's

    I got to play a National volleyball tournament in Orlando, Washington DC, Virgina, Maryland, and Atlanta
  • School Volleyball

    I made the Lady Hornets volleyball team at Hawley Middle School both 7th and 8th grade year,
  • Seafood

    I tried crab legs and scolips for the first time at Hilton Head Island.