Lebron James Timeline

  • Birth

    Gloria James was 16 when she had Lebron, his father Anthony McCelland was an ex-con unintrested in being a father. She rasied Lebron on her own. This is important becasue he didn't have a father figure or guidance at a young age.
  • Early Schooling

    Growing up was a struggle with moving constantly and his mother not being able to find work. As an outlet, Lebron took up football and basketball. His Pee-Wee football coach, Frankie Walker, arranged for Lebron to live with them for a stable environment. This is important because while he was living with the walkers he became friends with Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce lll, and Willie McGee.
  • High School

    Lebron, Joyce, Cotton, and McGee stir controversy by dubbing themselves the "Fab 4" and attending Staint Vincent Mary High School together instead of the local highschool. Winning state titles their freshman and sophomore season, Lebron attracts national attention. He was still playing football at the time, scoring 27 touchdowns in 2 seasons. He quit his junior year to focus on basketball, suprisingly his junior year they lost in the state chamionships To Cincinnati Roger Bacon 71-63.
  • Senior year

    His senior season was a tumultous one. He got a Hummer H2 from his mother who took out a loan using his future earning potential. OHSAA investigated because no amateur may accept a gift valued over $100 as reward for athletic preformnce. Later he accepted 2 vintage jerseys worth $845 in exchange for posing for pictures, then he was stripped of highschool elegiblity. Appealing the ruling, he now just missed 2 games and was able to play the rest of the season and get a 3rd state chamionship.
  • NBA Draft

    James an Akron native, was chosen in 1st overall pick by his hometown, Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 draft.
  • Period: to

    Rookie Year

    In his 1st season, James became 3rd player to average 20 points/5rbs/5assists in rookie year. Oscar Roberston and Michael Jordan were the only others to do this.
  • Scoring

    Lebron becomes the youngest NBA player to reach 10,000 points at 23 years and 59 days old.
  • Period: to

    Miami Heat

    2010-11: Miami rose to the confrence finals beating the Bulls and Derick Rose in 5 games. In the finals Miami lost in 6 games to the Mavericks. Lebron was humbled by the loss and worked on his game constantly in the off season. 2011-12: The heat rose to the finals again, beating OKC, making this Lebron's first ever chamionship ring.
  • "Taking my talents to South Beach"

    Lebron becomes a free agent and announces on a live ESPN special "The Decision" that he will be signing with the heat, along with Wade and Bosh. Lebron takes less money so the Heat can afford to bring along Bosh and Wade. Many thought his prolonged wait was unprofessional because not even the teams recruiting him knew his decision until after the show. As a result of his actions he became one of America's most disliked athletes.
  • Present

    Miami is at the top of the Southeastern confrence, with Lebron leading the way. Even with the plethora of superstars like Durant and Kobe, Lebron is still a clear front runner for prestigious awards like MVP.